Mr. Smith’s Guide to Public Speaking

Clip of President “Order gentlemen, our junior senator is about to make a speech” 01:58:07:09 - 01:58:13:22

  • Mr. Smith’s Guide to Public Speaking

Jeff Smith looks to Saunders, she motions him to stand, he jumps up and yells “Mr President!” 01:57:33:03 - 01:57:42:07

  • 1. Captivate your audience

Smith mumbles, President: “You must speak a little louder, but not too loud” 01:57:52:06 - 01:57:56:27

  • 2. Project

Smith looks to Saunders, who reassures him 02:55:40:29 - 02:55:47:00

  • 3. Pick a focal point

Smith pulls out tumbler and food 02:43:29:16 - 02:43:33:00

  • 4. Be prepared

Smith to Paine “I guess this is just another lost cause, Mr. Payne” 03:06:04:22 - 03:06:11:00


“And in this world today full of hatred a man who knows that one rule has a great trust. You know that rule, Mr. Paine. And I loved you for it just as my father did” 03:06:45:10 - 03:06:55:29

  • 5. Appeal to emotion

Paine: “Will the senator yield?” Smith: “No sir! I will not yield!” 02:39:54:00 - 02:39:58:01

“And we might as well all get together on this yielding business right off the bat now” 02:38:28:00 - 02:38:31:10

  • And most importantly

  • Do not yield!

Senate claps, Jeff sits, President “Our young senator will make a good orator when his voice stops changing” 01:59:48:04 - 02:00:06:19

Hannah Moseley