Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Social Concepts

Mr. Smith’s Guide to Public Speaking

  • (Open with President – “Order gentlemen, our Jr. Senator is about to make a speech”)

  • Captivate Your Audience (Smith yells “Mr. President!”)

  • Project (President “You must speak a little louder, but not too loud”)

  • Pick a Focal Point (Smith looks to Saunders)

  • Be Prepared (Smith pulls out tumbler and food)

  • Appeal to emotion (Smith to Payne)

  • And most importantly, Do not yield! (“And we might as well all get together on this yielding business right off the bat now” “No sir! I will not yield!”)

  • Jeff Smith’s Nicknames

    • Nugget, cookie, Daniel Boone, oyster, Boy Wonder, Tarzan, Don Quixote

  • James Stewart’s Physical Comedy

    • Posing for pictures, bird call, dropping his hat, floppy papers, dropping the phone

  • Vote Smith campaign

    • Campaign ad for Smith by the Boy Rangers

    • Show governor’s kids supporting Smith and Governor’s speech about him

    • “I can promise you one thing: I’ll do nothing to disgrace the office of United States Senator”

    • “Dad always used to say the only causes worth fighting for were the lost causes”

  • Breaking News: Smith Filibusters in the Senate

    • Radio-style ad, show news headlines and Smith giving his speech

      • VO: “Newly appointed senator Jeff Smith, who was just yesterday accused of introducing a bill for his own personal profit, has begun a filibuster in an attempt to convince the Senate and American people of his innocence. With the odds and evidence piling up against him, how long can this wide-eyed Boy Ranger last? Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen!”

  • Mr. Smith’s Guide to Washington

    • Capital Dome (montage of Smith saying Capital Dome)

    • Lincoln Memorial

    • White house

    • Statue of Washington

    • Press Room (Smith storms in after reporter)

    • Senate floor

    • For bonus points, stage a 24 hour filibuster

Hannah Moseley