Die Hard Social Concepts

  • How NOT to get the girl

    • How-to style video with advice in text over shots

    • All the sleazy things Ellis says i.e. asking Holly out on Xmas Eve

    • End with shot of Holly saying “Bye” and spinning her chair around

  • Don’t try this at home, kids!

    • All Bruce Willis’ ridiculous stunts

    • Especially while barefoot

  • Die Hard IS a Christmas movie!

    • It’s Christmas time; a festively dressed family goes to the movies to see…Die Hard?

    • Text makes a tongue-in-cheek argument that Die Hard has all the elements of a Xmas movie i.e. “It’s got a Santa costume” over visuals of the dead terrorist John dresses up

    • Point out the Xmas music throughout the movie and several people saying “Merry Christmas”

    • End with Argyle “If this is their idea of Christmas, I gotta be there for New Year’s”

  • Alan Rickman’s Masterclass of Intimidation

    • Know everything about your victim

    • Sing Creepily

    • Compliment

    • Show off your education

    • Count very slowly

    • Don’t Bluff

    • And of course, perfect your evil laugh

To see the approval version of the last pitch, the password is “Hans Gruber.”

Hannah Moseley