Winter Skincare Hacks for Your 20's

I've done it! At the ripe-old age of 24, I have finally nailed down a winter skin routine that my temperamental, combination skin approves of. Well, almost. I've yet to find my perfect winter moisturizer that is hydrating enough for winter weather and dry, heated air, but doesn't also cause breakouts with repeated use. And yes, I've tried La Mer.




In the morning, I use a very gentle cleanser to refresh but not strip the skin barrier. This is usually either Manuka honey or a heavenly rose-scented cleansing water from Buly 1803. I follow with a skin-calming and hydrating calendula toner from Khiel's, and put some of Nuxe's amazingly thick Rêve de Miel on my lips. Once the toner has fully absorbed, I finish with Avene cream if the day is particularly cold and harsh, or Fresh's Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream if the day is more mild. If I am spending time outside, I will put a layer of Farmacy's Green Screen on the high points of my face. If the day is very harsh, I'll carry along some organic rosehip oil to rub between my hands and pat on my cheeks and lips to re-hydrate.


If I've worn more than just mascara that day, I like to oil cleanse in the evening with some sweet almond oil to break down makeup, dirt, and excess oils on my skin. I follow with the rose cleansing water, or Glossier's AHA/BHA solution if my skin is looking congested. I pat a generous amount of rosehip oil into my skin, especially around the corners of my eyes where they're starting to crease, and slather on Nuxe's balm. After some hand cream and a glass of water, I am ready for a great night's sleep.


About once a week, I'll mix up a clay mask to detox my pores. In my post-teen years, I've become very anti-pore strips except in emergencies - I think they do more harm than good. I prefer to make my own concoction with a spoonful of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, a pinch of activated charcoal, equal parts water and apple cider vinegar (ACV to the initiated), and a dab of tea tree oil. While definitely not as harsh as pore strips, the mask is pretty drying, so I always tone and thoroughly re-hydrate my skin afterwards. I'm not going to tell you that this mask will fix all your skin problems, but I do notice an improvement in my skin texture and oil production for several days after masking, so I stick with it.

This routine works well to keep my skin happy in the winter, and I am happy with how minimal I've been able to make it. What are your winter skincare hacks? I'll take any recommendations for a winter moisturizer that's not too heavy. Help a girl out!

Hannah Moseley