Hi, I’m Hannah. Welcome to my collection of work. I graduated in May of 2017 from Belmont University with a BA in Sound Design. I have always had a passion for literature and writing, and since leaving the academic routine of a university I have found much more time and brain power to devote to my craft. I am starting my career as full-time writer and editor, and I would love to work on your next project.

Hannah Moseley Writes is meant to be a portfolio of my collected work - some from my college days, some more recent - that I stand behind. I have experience script writing for social video, ghost-writing blogs, and writing and editing web copy. I love writing about travel, fashion, and film. My writing style focuses on storytelling and treads that tightrope between practical and flowery. I am writing more often and more for myself, so stick around, it will get more interesting. I promise.

If you need freelance article writing or content creation, please check out my Writers.work profile, https://writers.work/hannahmoseleywrites.